Company Address:

Daily Freedom Challenge

7253 Watson Rd PMB 1156

Saint Louis, MO 63119


~We are a group of like-minded individuals with one mission in mind, to leverage
the power of the internet to lift as many people out of poverty as we are able
around the globe. Our goal is to help members achieve the all elusive “Financial
Freedom” to consistent and long-lasting effect.~


Cliff Gholston (United States),

Co-Founder Executive Director

38 years in ministry, Educator

and Administrator, Advance degrees in Organizational Leadership, Psychology, and Business. DFC’s goal
is simple, to provide an opportunity that allows members to improve their circumstances as quickly as

Warwick Edgar (New Zealand),

Co-Founder Director

34 years in the Banking / Finance Industries. 12

years in Retail. The vision of DFC is to improve the quality of life of all its Members by removing any
financial constraints that are affecting their quality of life.

Ukari Obene (Nigeria),

Associate Director, Admin for Area Directors Worldwide.

Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria Bio: I was born on June 30, 1966. I am a trained teacher and
preacher. I love to teach people to live a successful life

Gee DaCosta,

Associate Director, Marketing:.

I'm from Brazil but living in the USA
most of my life. I've been in Network Marketing over 25 years and I can tell you that I've just
found my dream opportunity. DFC is an amazing organization ran by real and honest people
and I'm very happy to be a part of it. The sky is the limit for everyone with a desire to become
financially independent.


Mbiatke Ekanem Effiong,

State of origin: Akwa Ibom State
Sex: male 
Religion: Christianity 
Area off coverage : Akwa Ibom State 
Phone number :  08035249004

Muoneke Kenechukwu,

My name is Muoneke Kenechukwu from Nigeria. I am covering the Lagos
area of Nigeria on behalf of the DFC. I am an online entrepreneur with particular
interest in programs that are designed to lift people out of poverty. I have been in a
number of programs which didn’t deliver anything near what they promised, but even,
turned out to actually scam the people. To this end, I was really glad when I
discovered the Daily Freedom Challenge program, the passion, transparency and
commitment which the Admin Team has shown in developing the program to really
change millions of lives. I am honored to be given a role in this project.

Udosen Columba Paulinus,

Name: Udosen Columba Paulinus Area: Lagos I am from Ikot Ekpene in
Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. I graduated in University of Calabar with a B. Sc Policy
and Administrative Studies. in 2009. Presently I am into digital marketing and web

John Munywoki,

My name is John Munywoki, and I am overseeing Canada as a whole.
I live in Ontario, within the Greater Toronto Area. I am an ordained minister, a trainer
of missionaries, and an avid entrepreneur. My greatest business skill is in Real Estate
Development. My compassion lies in identifying solutions to common social ills, and
that is why I believe that DFC is well positioned to help solve a major social problem.

Otobong Umoren,

Name:otobong Umoren Area covering : Uyo and Eket 
Biography : I am a graduate  of physics  and a member  of Nigerian  Institute  of
management (NIM) .I  have been in network marketing  business  for the past 8 years
and also have passion  for helping  the downtrodden  ones in our society. I am
always ready to take up new challenges as they come.

Lillian Parmu,

My Name is Lillian Parmu from Northern Uganda in Eastern Africa and
representing the same area. Our area has been under local insurgency for over twenty
years and after it ended, people are very poor, uneducated and living iñ abject poverty,
so I believe training youth about DFC program will help uplift the society more and
bring some hope in our communities.

Onyema Peters,

Name: Onyema Peters Location: Abuja Nigeria Occupation: Agro-
consultant and Networker Education: B. Agric, University of Benin, Benin City, Edo
State, Nigeria Vision: To help as many people as possible escape poverty. This is why
I joined DFC and applied to serve as an Area Director. Thanks for giving me the
opportunity to serve in this capacity. God bless.

Thokozani Kandemiri,

My name is Thokozani Kandemiri based in South Africa. I am a pastor in
Ascend Church in Pretoria, Centurion in South Africa. I am a Zimbabwean by birth
but based in South Africa. My passion is preaching, teaching and helping the needy. I
have a passion to economically empower and eradicate poverty in Africa. I love
giving and am striving to be rich so that I can help the poor. I am a networker; I do
internet networking (on-line MLM and networking digital) systems as well as network
with churches as I am invited out for preaching. I am also a leader and representative
of an Organization called WEC (World economic Congress). I am working with DFC
for the betterment of the ordinary people!!


In 2006 I started up and organized a foodbank in 3 different cities for
people with very little money. I enjoyed doing this very much I think it was the best I
every have done so far after 2 years somebody else took over my husband and 3
children moved to Friesland in The Netherlands. have soft spot in my heart for people in
need. I am retired now.  I used to be a radiographer in a X-ray department in the
hospital. Lived for 18 years in New Zealand where my husband had his own Laser
import company and I used to do the marketing and customer support.

Namoso Geoffrey Tony,

My name is Namoso Geoffrey Tony, married and father to 4 children. I do
hold a Bachelors degree in Public Administration and a Diploma in Education of
Makerere University, Kampala. I further hold over 20 years of work experience with
international logistics companies among which I worked for 9 straight years in
managerial positions with Maersk Logistics and for 4 years as a General Manager
Operations with Multiline International Ltd where I accomplished all my logistical
assignments with honor. I have also held various other assignments in Church and in
the community as a leader. I am now eager to further my career with Daily Freedom
Challenge at the earliest and make my contribution towards the betterment of human
life in my area of jurisdiction as an Area Director. I pledge to do the best I can humanly
do for all the time I will be with DFC for the good of all.

Jide Adewoye,

Name: Jide Adewoye Area: Kwara state Nigeria
Bio: An accountant by profession, my love for online business makes me go into online
marketing, trading and cryptocurrencies.



Raulen Jereos,

Raulen Jereos Philippines: I worked as a pastor for 12 years and saw that many
people are really in need, both financially and spiritually.  I share the same values of helping and
ministering to these less fortunate brothers and sisters and believe that they need our hands to
touch them, our feet to go where they are and our lips to speak words of comfort. I hold a
Bachelor of Theology, a master’s degree in Psychology and an Honorary Causa recipient in
Ph.D. in Psychological Counseling. I presently work as a government employee for already five
years and am very busy with my present job, deep inside his heart he longs to go back to the
ministry.  Thanks to DFC, I now have the opportunity to minister.